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Embedded Engineer

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Full TimeMountain ViewVerdigris

Short Description

One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Verdigris is disrupting the building energy metering industry. Our mission is to sustain and enrich human life through the development of responsive energy intelligence. We deploy machine-learning sensors and generate powerful recommendations. We predict failure of critical equipment, track energy demand, and inform efficiency projects. Extraordinary outcomes require exceptional teams. Your mission is to help us ensure our excellence, while impacting energy conservation.

About the Platform Team

Embedded design is literally our eyes and ears. We enhance the way our customers use electrical resources within buildings. The delivery of energy intelligence relies on knowing what’s physically happening in a building. These measurement points will be crafted by passionate people like you. At Verdigris, you will explore rich energy datasets through our advanced IoT connected sensors. You will have a unique opportunity as an embedded engineer to extend our understanding of buildings by improving the capabilities of our sensors. We invite you to become a member of Verdigris and join our mission to preserve the environment we live in.

To apply: visit http://bitly.com/Verdigris-EmbeddedEngineer or email  Thomas Chung  with your resume.