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Paid Fall 2018 Intern

Job TypeJob LocationCompany
InternshipNew York CitySealed

Short Description

Join a fast-growing clean energy start-up looking to solve the biggest problem in climate change today. Put your intelligence and idealism to work at Sealed to help the planet and learn valuable skills in a challenging and fast-growing startup environment.

Who are we?

We are the first and only company to finance home improvements with energy savings. With our HomeAdvance program, we pay for energy-saving home improvements like insulation, air sealing, and efficient appliances, and homeowners use the difference between their old and new bills to pay us back.

What will you do?

● Help manage sales appointment calendar and help set up new calendaring systems
● Process customer applications and notify customers of application status updates
● Maintain customer relationship management (CRM) system records
● Ensure on-going functioning of automated systems, identify bugs + implement fixes
● Create and document new and improved business processes
● If you have past experience with writing and creative content development, you will support marketing and sales content development

Who are you?

● Fired up about working at an innovative energy-efficiency startup
● Detail oriented
● Hard working
● Self-starter
● Prior work experience
● Ready to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to help the company

Compensation and Timeframe

• 15-20 hours per week throughout the semester
• Compensated by stipend

If interested, please send your resume to resumes@sealed.com with a short note describing your interest in the position.

Check us out

To apply: visit https://angel.co/sealed/jobs/272992-paid-fall-2018-intern or email  Andy Frank  with your resume.