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Full Stack Engineer

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Full TimeNew York CitySealed

Short Description

Who are you?
-Excited about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity be the first full time engineer at an innovative cleantech startup
-Excellent communications skills
-Familiar with ruby on rails, bootstrap, github, postgres, heroku, aws
-2-4 years experience in agile web development
-Self-directed and eager to thrive in a rapidly changing environment
-Motivated to learn new skills and languages

What will you do?
-Build, manage and deploy web applications
-Work with senior management to set future software goals and strategy

Working at sealed
-You will be given a large amount of responsibility and decision making power (if we hire you, it’s because we trust you)
-You will have a good work/life balance and be able to take as much time off as you need
-We believe in constant innovation and process improvements
-We believe in a culture of feedback (both upwards and downwards) so expect to grow a lot
-We care about your work product, not face time

To apply: visit https://angel.co/sealed/jobs/56585-full-stack-engineer or email  Lauren Salz  with your resume.