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Full stack web devs, cloud architects, and data engineers looking to work with CleanWeb Partners!

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Short Description

Sudokrew is a special breed of team made up of full-stack software engineers that are passionate about addressing sustainability and climate change through cutting edge technology. We love the cloud, we love the web, we love data, and we love working with others trying to save the world. Our staff is professional, experienced, and can handle just about any project that absolutely needs to be done on time with a high pedigree of quality.

About Sudokrew:
Sudokrew is a dev shop focused on working with data scientists and software engineers to address big problems for the betterment of humanity. We’ve provided data engineering services to clear up federal election commission data with Circa Victor, provided time-series database solutions for real-time cloud-based distributed architecture with Blue Planet Energy, and solar + storage pricing solutions with Revolusun. We understand the needs of this industry and look forward to helping more businesses trying to do some good in the world by building dependable and secure software.

We believe great software is created by teams. Performing devops, frontend, backend, QA, and design is more than any individual can handle, so we staff a complete team to ensure high quality deployments. Teamwork helps us to learn from one another, and build each other up to be more complete developers.

Things We Love:
AWS Solutions Architecture
Microservice Architecture
DevSecOps Engineering
Deployment Automation
Data Engineering
Docker Host and Container Security
Vulnerability Analysis and Remediation
UI Design
UX Engineering

Recent Things We’ve Done:
Time-series data – We’ve brought down the storage and computing costs for our energy storage clients down from $100,000+/yr down to below $4,000/yr with our data engineering services. Find out if we can do the same for you.

AWS Infrastructure – We’ve dramatically brought down the cost of infrastructure while increasing availability, capacity, and scalability for our clients. Cloud-based solutions have allowed us to focus on the things that matter, bring about scalable products in a timely manner.

React Component Libraries – We’ve built modular component libraries for fortune 50 businesses that needed a single, unified design language for their library of applications.

NodeJS/Python Microservices – Our team is well-versed in all things Javascript/Python. We like scale through simplicity, strive for clearly defined and logical systems over plates of spaghetti.

“Sudokrew helped re-architect and implement our internal ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) system that had reached it’s end of life. Despite our best efforts, the first version of the proposal proved not to be technically feasible as time went on.

Sudokrew went back to the drawing board, analyzed and weeded out other possible solutions and within a short time we were back on track with a solid plan. Their efficient communication, thoughtful development process, and determined approach lead to an overall improvement in our ability to analyze, process and generate large data sets.”

-Justin Hernandez, CTO of Circa Victor

Sudokrew is based out of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi (yes, we’re happy to have you visit) and we work on your schedule. We’re happy to join standups remotely and also travel for on-site kick-offs and have an ever growing remote team.

To apply: visit http://bit.ly/sudokrew-Contract-Dev-For-Sustainability or email  Spencer Toyama  with your resume.