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CleanWeb SF – Water Technology Video

On Thursday, March 22nd, 2018, speakers from three startups presented their water monitoring and saving technologies.

Second only to time, water is our most precious resource and we need to take better care of how we manage it. In order to manage it, we need to measure it. Starting this month, we tried something new. We invited two startups to present on their technology and invited a third speaker to give a shorter keynote on the bigger “Why” behind development of these technologies.

Our Presenters

  1. Jimit Shah, Co-founder and CEO, Flow Labs – Flow Labs has developed a non-invasive ultrasound meter to help commercial building operators create virtual “sub-meters” within their facilities.
  2. Anthony Atlas, VP of Product, Ceres Imaging – Ceres Imaging uses special cameras, mounted on airplanes to analyze crop fields and determine water stress two weeks before human eyes can detect it.
  3. Dr Andrew Pike, Buoy Labs – Buoy Labs has built an in-line water meter and control system to protect homeowners from unsuspected and costly leaks.

Recording of the live-stream

Thanks again to our hosts, Orange Silicon Valley.

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