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CleanWeb SF – Environmental Footprint Livestream

On Thursday, April 11, 2018, speakers from Climate Solutions Network and the Global Footprint Network came and presented their environmental footprinting and carbon competition software platforms.

While the world is more firmly getting behind the need to decarbonize our economy, the required speed of that transition and participation rates by countries around the world are still just an estimate. Climate Solutions Net has developed a white-labeled platform for cities to develop their own sustainability competitions for their citizenry which includes a personal energy & carbon calculator and steps to upgrade one’s home and transportation energy usage. The Global Footprint Network has developed

Our Presenters

  1. Lisa Altieri, CEO and Co-founder, Climate Solutions Network – Lisa Altieri is founder and CEO of Climate Solutions Net, a software company creating social engagement tools on climate solutions. Lisa has a graduate degree in Environment & Development Economics from UC Berkeley and professional background in finance and management consulting, data analytics and business management. She has also worked as a community organizer and activist on climate change and as Regional Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign.
  2. Laurel Hanscom, Program Director and Research Scientist, Global Footprint Network – Laurel Hanscom is interested in applying meaningful metrics to promote positive change in the world. As Program Director at Global Footprint Network, she is constantly searching for ways to increase the impact and relevance of Ecological Footprint research, especially through our open data platform and sustainable development projects. In her role as Research Scientist, Laurel also contributes to the production and improvement of the National Footprint Accounts. Before joining the research team, Laurel worked in agency-wide strategy at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, DC, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. Her two years in the Ecuadorian Amazon were preceded by a brief career as an environmental analyst at AECOM, specializing in socioeconomic and environmental justice impacts. She holds a BA and MA in geography from San Diego State University, where her research focused on climate change vulnerability and agriculture.

Recording of the live-stream

Presentation Resources

  1. Lisa’s Slides
  2. Laurel’s Slides

Thanks again to our hosts, Google for the venue and food.

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